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Revel in our sanctuary designed to inspire a love of La Vida Yoga and to nurture a love of self. At Greenheart, we are dedicated to healing the whole person by integrating the body, mind, and spirit. With consistent practice in this refuge of healing, you will condition your body, fortify your mind, and soothe your spirit. A transformative experience awaits you in this sacred space.

From the Heart: (OUR STUDIO)

Yoga is about the exploration of the mind, body, and spirit. It is an invisible yet tangible energy that nurtures your heart and introduces a new quality of life.  Consistent practice inspires you to listen to your body, trust your instincts, and see the world from a place of authenticity and gratitude.  A committed practice encourages awareness or an awakening of the soul all while fostering compassion, instilling forgiveness, and nurturing kindness. Yoga demands a palpable belief in yourself, in your breath, and in your dreams. There are many styles and “brands” of yoga. If you are new to yoga you may feel confused, intimidated, and overwhelmed, not knowing where or how to begin.  Here at Greenheart, we’re here to help guide you on your yogic path. We boast an eclectic range of offerings to nourish, to condition, to define, and to refine your individual practice.  We truly believe that YOGA is for EVERYONE and ANY BODY.  Whether you are a teenage athlete or an older adult with physical limitations, we welcome you.

I dreamed of creating a space in our community that effectively treats the whole person through art, poetry, and music, a sacred space that calms and ignites the spirit within.  Simply, Greenheart is more than a headstand; Greenheart is a lifestyle of fellowship, a respite of shared interests and values. We exist in this sacred space to encourage recreation and re-creation. So whether you choose yoga classes, meditation sessions, attend an art exhibit, or participate in one of our innovative workshops, our goal remains the same; the restoration and renewal of your spirit.

Cruz “Clarisa” Ru

Why the name Greenheart?

Greenheart is named after the heart chakra. Chakras are energy centers located throughout the body. There are 7 primary chakras that run from the base of the spine to the space just above the head. Qualities associated with the heart chakra are compassion, forgiveness, kindness, joy, love. When we are able to be all of these qualities with ourselves, then and only then, can we truly be all of those qualities with others. The color most often associated with the heart chakra is green. Hence the name, Greenheart.

(Sidenote: Yes it’s true Clarisa’s favorite color is, and forever has been, green aaand she’s crazy about hearts too.)

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Our Teachers

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Greenheart is proud to host a collection of eclectic, caring, and compassionate individuals to guide your practice while you experience La Vida Yoga. Our instructors look forward to welcoming you to the Greenheart family.

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Come and shop in our delightful gift shop, and you’ll discover an inspiration of wonder-full gifts from all over the globe. From Indonesia to India, from Texas to Turkey and from Manhattan to Mexico, we have items that reflect the serenity and gratitude within.

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